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ダブル・トーキョーX MetropolitanCROSSbottle コラボクロス
  • ダブル・トーキョーX MetropolitanCROSSbottle コラボクロス











    This product is cloth. you can clean anything!!


    I'd always taken it for granted that one ordinary day comes after another only to realize one day could change the world flipping ordinary to extraordinary.This isn't just what Covid had brought about but was already happening all around the world that we just weren't aware of. We who experienced the pandemic felt so much amid our suffering and searched for the future.We all want to remember to 'THINK' again what it is that's most important for us for our future selves.

    The need to capture the unstableness of our daily lives led me to create images of Street photography through multiple exposures. That turned into 'the Unintentional overlapping of Days.' 


    Photography is a strange thing. It seems to capture emotions even when taken at random.


    'Double Tokyo' is how I see through my lens.






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