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写真家 キセキミチコ






2015   「theline」個展(東京)

​2017   KISEKI inck Ltd,設立

2017    私家版写真集 [DRYNESS] 出版  「DRYNESS」 個展(東京・大阪)

2017 香港 ーエロスとタナトスー  個展(東京)

2019 SNS上で香港デモの最前線を追った「#まずは知るだけでいい展」をスタート

   「#まずは知るだけでいい展」2019香港 私の悲しみと祈り 個展(東京)

2020 「送る写真展」会えない人を写真で繋ぐ 

2020    A complicated city 個展(東京)

2020   ギャラリーニエプスに参加

2021 自由より創造を2021 グループ展

2021 ダブル・トーキョー個展(東京)

2022 The place2021 個展(東京)

​2022 写真集「VOICE香港2019」イースト・プレス出版

2022 ダブル・トーキョー個展(東京)


女性だけの写真展 入選

APA award 2016 2019 写真作品部門 入選

APA award 2017 2019 広告写真部門 入選

EWAAC2017 (LONDON) finalist​​​

第1回 SHINES finalist

第41回 よみうり写真大賞 入選

第4回 写真出版賞大賞受賞

Photographer  Michiko Kiseki


Born in Belgium, moved to Hong Kong and France due to her father's work. Returned to Japan at the age of 14. Influenced by Magnum Photos, Kiseki majored in photojournalism attending Nihon University College of Art in Photography but was fascinated by the power of music. After working in a studio as an assistant, she became independent and while working on portraits of musicians, live shows, and advertising, she has held numerous solo and group exhibitions. Nominated for multiple photography awards. Published DRYNESS in 2017, a private photo book taken with admiration of the Japanese countryside. 

Working recklessly as a freelance photographer to build her career she fought conflicts and decided to travel to Hong Kong where she spent her childhood to reflect on herself anew. Overwhelmed by the strength of the people, she visited Hong Kong in July 2019 this time for a long-term stay to capture their powerful lives. There she encountered the 2019 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests, and her heart trembled for those who raised their voices against the wrong and continued to take photos at the forefront bawling her eyes out. Awarded the Grand Prize of the 4th Photo Publishing Awards in 2021. Published VOICE Hong Kong 2019 in February 2022. 

Stands on the starting line as a photographer once again. Kiseki faces photography with the philosophy of taking pictures true to her feelings.

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